3 ways a business can increase revenue through their accountants

Naturally, for your business to grow, it needs to earn more than it spends. For this reason, you could be reluctant to spend money on accountants. After all, you could be confident that you already know how to file the required paperwork. However, this attitude disregards one especially crucial plus point of accountants: they can help your business to increase its revenue.

Hence, you could find that, shortly after hiring accountants, the amount of additional money they help bring to your company far exceeds how much they charge for their services. All of a sudden, the expense of hiring accountants seems like a non-issue! Below are various ways in which these people can help your company to bring in more money.

You can have more free time to spend making money

In the business world, time is money. The more time you lose, the more money you can lose; however, on the flipside, the more time you gain, the more money there can be to gain. When your accounting responsibilities are handed over to accountants, who will have relevant skills and expertise preventing them having to regularly ask you for help, you can free up more time.

At this point, you would probably want to counter with the claim that, to make that time, you would be buying it. That would, therefore, be an added expense to deal with. However, this overlooks the potentially significant cost-effectiveness of hiring accountants. Bplans wisely notes: “A useful rule of thumb is to compare your hourly rate to the cost of an accountant.”

Therefore, if the amount you charge per hour is the same as what your accountant would impose as a flat fee per month, you’ve got a good deal: finishing your monthly accounting responsibilities in just an hour is likely beyond your ability.

You can act on additional advice for growing the business

You are unlikely to lack sources of advice concerning how to increase your company’s revenue. However, you will have even more such advice at hand when you hire accountants. As these people won’t be relatives or directly work for your business, they can view it dispassionately and, therefore, provide truly objective advice on how you could grow it.

These accountants can also help you to take the right steps if you have reached the stage in your company’s development where taking on additional employees looks sensible.

You could build a great relationship with an accountant to long keep them with you

When you have a close relationship with your accountants, they can develop a more thorough understanding of your corporate needs. While you might be happy for many of your interactions with these accountants to be online-based, we would advise that you look for accountants who you will often be able to meet in person, too. This could help you to keep the relationship close.

If you work in London, therefore, turning to Harrow accountants such as those in the local business Akshar & Co’s employ could be a great idea.

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