4 Places To Get Freebies

The only thing better than getting an amazing discount is getting it completely free. The types of deals I’ll be listing here are not those “buy one get one free” type of deals. No, these are real freebies, as in completely free with no strings attached.


You won’t find free furniture at Ikea, but you may find free food there. Their in-house restaurant serves us low-cost meals to its customers every day. But there are times when they have special offers like free food. Each store has different offers and each is ever-changing. For the Ikea in my area, you can come in on Mondays for free breakfast before 11AM. On Tuesdays, kids get one combo meal valued at $2.49 for free. What’s great about these offers is that no purchase is necessary.

Costco / Sam’s Club

These types of stores have free food samples all the time, but mostly on the weekends. While it may be wrong to take multiple samples, there’s nothing wrong with taking one of each free sample. Sometimes, there’s so many options you and your family can eat enough to skip paying for a meal while shopping for your groceries.

Amazon Kindle Store

You can get a wide selection of free eBooks at the Amazon Kindle store. Go here to see the list of the top 100 free Kindle eBooks. There’s some good classics there, how-to books and novels available for a free download. So download a few titles that seem interesting to you and read them later on your tablet, the books are free after all.

Victoria’s Secret

When you subscribe (for free) to the Victoria’s Secret catalog, they will send you coupons and discounts from time to time. With some offers you might get a free tote bag or umbrella with a $75 purchase. But every once in a while there’s a free panties card. With this one, there is no purchase necessary, no strings attached. You just go to the store, pick one and check-out without paying a dime. If you take advantage of these offers every time you won’t ever need to buy underwear again.

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