4 Ways To Make Some Extra Cash

4 Ways To Make Some Extra Cash

Pinching pennies can old get you so far. At some point, if your budget is too tight, the only way to loosen it up is to find another way to earn a little extra income. Short of switching your career to a more lucrative field or asking for a raise from your employer, there are a few simple things you can do to draw in a little extra money.

Sell Your Stuff

It’s a classic for a reason. It helps you declutter your house while padding your pocketbook. Dig through your closets and your storage space for clothes you aren’t wearing, furniture you’re not using, or collectibles you’re done collecting. Some resale shops will pay you for your clothing, if they’re still in style or perfectly dated and quirky. Otherwise, stick to the more typical avenues: Craigslist, eBay, and garage sales. Facebook has also added a local marketplace feature, so if Craigslist seems a bit too risky for your pool table sale, you can opt for a channel with a bit more verification.

Get Artsy

Capitalize on your craftiness. Did you nail it when your best friend asked you to make centerpieces or origami bouquets for her wedding? Can you make jewelry, quilts, or clothing? What about painting or sculpting? You could sell your creations in local boutique shops or through some of the same avenues you can sell your used items: Craigslist, Facebook, and garage sales. Online marketplaces for artisan items — such at Etsy, Bonanza, or ArtFire — are also gaining a lot of steam, and the increased traffic to your listings could make up for any fees or commission the websites require. If you’re a great photographer, you could sell through the same means, or you could sell your photos as stock photos to Shutterstock, iStock, or their competitors.

Do Freelance Work

Freelancing is one of the most popular side hustles, because it can help your career and your bank account balance. If you have any marketable skills, it’s time to get paid for them. You can peddle your services locally by contacting local agencies that might be interested, or sign up for an independent contractor marketplace, such as Freelancer, Upwork, or Fiverr. Keep in mind, however, that these services typically charge a membership fee and/or collect a percentage of your earnings. Plus, competition in the marketplace can drive prices below typical freelance rates. That said, you can’t beat the flexibility.

Get Gigs & Odd Jobs

If you don’t feel like bringing your professional work home with you in typical freelance fashion, instead opt for another type of gig. Sign up to be a driver for Lyft or Uber, and pick your own hours. Or, try TaskRabbit or Zaarly to sign up to run errands or complete for others. For example, on TaskRabbit you can sign up to be a house cleaner, handyman, dogwalker, delivery person, or organizer, and wait to be matched with a local task.

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