7 Deadly Millennial Sins

millennial sins

The millennial generations have been repeatedly criticized over their selfishness, their addiction to technology and their entitledness. WE, millennials, have this habit of concealing or hiding the truth. We make excuses; dig up theories, to rationalize our actions. We convince ourselves that the world is already a bad place and our actions won’t make a difference or no one will really notice because everybody has their own sins. So, being a fellow millennial let me walk you through the 7 sins of this age.

  • Talking more than listening:
    We all are. We are impatient and intolerant. We want to talk and not listen. We want everyone to hear us, listen to us, understand us, but we ourselves are too restless to recognize and realize other’s concerns.
  • Relying too much on technology
    Instead of catching up on someone over a cup of coffee, we simply check out their Facebook timeline and assume that they are happy in their lives without even actually checking on them. We prefer the SMSing format, because it gives more time for us to gather our thoughts.
  • Etiquettes are becoming looser
    In this new-age of slangs and short-handing writings, we are more concerned about hitting the ‘reply’ button faster, than giving a thought to what we have written. Office environments and schedules are becoming very flexible and dress codes increasingly casual. We have become lazy.
  • Multitasking
    What really happens when we multitask, we rapidly keep switching between tasks. Every time we switch between tasks, the brain is forced to restart and refocus, and we lose time in the process.
  • Making demands instead of requests
    The modern workers are boldly expressing their options, at their workplace and in the society in general. But instead of requesting, we are demanding, more too often, aggressively. Making a request of your employer shows more respect and subordination than making a demand, which is especially important if you’re new to the organization.
  • Overconfidence
    Bragging about your success even before you achieve it is arrogance. Believe in your actions, whether they are noticeable right now or not. There is a difference between being proud of your achievements and being disrespectful towards others.
  • Ingratitude

Sometimes a bad boss is not a person who doesn’t work or is lazy, a bad boss may be a person doesn’t acknowledge the hard-work of his team members. Sometimes when you don’t express your gratitude to someone, they’ll stop doing the things you don’t appreciate.

We may be faster generation, most efficient, smartest and with the greatest tools at our disposal, but we lack in certain values and ethics. We need to counter these sins to build a better working environment.

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