Avoid Impulse Spending with These 10 Easy Tricks

So you’ve done it again. avoid impulse spending

You spent way too much on things you didn’t need…now you feel horrible.

You didn’t feel this way when you checked out at the store. No, you felt quite the opposite – you felt delighted!

But now that you’re home… now that you’ve counted your money… now that your debt is knocking at your door… you only feel one thing – regret.

Now, you could kick yourself for impulse buying again… but it won’t work. Next time you’re out at the mall, it’ll happen all over again:

A sale pops up… you feel you need the item… you buy it.

Then dread sets in – so you kick yourself again.

Then you go to the mall… see another sale… Buy!

Get home… regret… The cycle goes on and on and on.

Will it ever end? avoid impulse spending


If you commit to ending this chain, you will free yourself from impulse spending.

And it’s not that difficult either.

It doesn’t take ultra-discipline to get it done. No, all you need are these 10 easy tricks to stop impulse spending for good.

Let’s dive in.

10 Easy Tricks to Stop Impulse Buying For Good

We all impulse buy. Studies show that the average American spends around $324,000 this way. Whether that’s on food, clothes, or accessories, it always ends the same way – regret.

If you know this feeling all too well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 easy ways to end this cycle now:

1 – Stop Emotional Shopping

What’s the root cause of impulse buying?


Why do we buy things we don’t need?

Because we feel as if these items will make us happy.

Do they? avoid impulse spending

No… not for more than a few minutes at least.

The very things that promise to make you happy are the ones that’ll make you stressed out later on. How are you going to get rid of your debt?

That’s why it’s a good rule of thumb to stay away from stores when you’re emotional.

Sad? Stressed? Hungry?

Stay far away from shopping centers or online stores.

You’ll never find the solution to your problems there. Instead, you’ll be tempted to stack item after item in your cart that promises to make you “happy.”

Even if you’re happy, it’s not a good idea to shop. When you’re full of glee, there’s a tendency not to care about what you purchase.

Never shop when you’re full of emotion. Shop with your brain, not with your heart. Trust me, you’ll prevent yourself from buying so many things you don’t need.

2 – Make a List and Stick to it

What does it mean to “Shop with your brain”?

It means buy the items you need, not the ones you want.

But how can you separate yourself from the things your heart yearns for?

Make a list. avoid impulse spending

Before you go out, list down everything you need.

And the hard part… stick to your list!

Whenever you find something, check your list.

If it’s not there, don’t buy it.

It’s that simple.

This does take some discipline. But once you make this a habit, you’ll never “accidentally” impulse buy again.

3 – Only Bring Enough CASH

To take it a step further, make a list, and only bring enough cash for the items on that list.

This way, you don’t have to rely on your self-control – most of us suck at that anyway.

It’s super effective: if you come across something that you didn’t list down, you literally can’t buy it. Even if you’re determined to buy, you just can’t do it without cash.

But there’s a catch to this trick:

You have to use CASH. avoid impulse spending

avoid impulse spending

This will never work if you use credit or debit.

So if you’re having trouble with self-control – you swipe, swipe, swipe, anytime you find something nice – bring only enough cash for the essentials on your list.

4 – Budget Your “Wants”

“What good is money if you can’t enjoy it?”

That’s usually what we tell ourselves before splurging our finances on things we don’t need.

However, there is some truth behind it.

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while.

It only becomes bad when things get uncontrollable when your bills, necessities, and debts suffer due to your pleasures.

So how do you balance it?

Easy. Budget your “wants”.

What I mean is set money aside for things your heart desires. New shoes? Fine dining? A gaming chair? Have a fund dedicated to these types of things.

This way, you won’t burn out. It’s one thing to start avoiding impulse buying, it’s quite another to keep going.

With a few “rewards” now and then, it’s far less likely you’ll give up.

But be careful! Never go over your “wants” budget.

If you do, you’re back to square one. avoid impulse spending

5 – Buy It Tomorrow

Marketers are clever… very clever.

They know how to manipulate your emotions and make you feel you need their product now. Not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW.

If you’re unaware of their devices, you’ll be an easy victim.

To win, you need to fight back.

No, don’t be rude to marketers or destroy ad posters – but stand firm when they bombard you with reasons you need to buy NOW.

The best tactic you have?


Wait a full day before buying it.

Don’t give in to your emotions that say you need it now. Go home, get some rest, then reconsider the next day.

Most of the time, you’ll find the urge to buy has gone.

If not, maybe you should get that item. Just make sure it’s within your “wants” budget!

6 – Don’t Give In to SALES

If you can pull yourself out of the emotional grasp of an ad, congratulations. Waiting for tomorrow will make you realize that you don’t really need that item.

But what if you’re hit with this:


Now you can’t go home, get rest, and reconsider. You have to decide on the spot.

To make things more confusing, not all sales are bad for your finances. In fact, waiting for sales is a great way to save money.

So what should you do? How do you take advantage of sales without falling into impulse buying?

avoid impulse spending

Think of it this way: avoid impulse spending

If it wasn’t on sale, would you buy it?

Is it something you need? Is it something you were saving for? If it was at full price, would it be on your “needs” list?

If yes, then buy it! You can save a lot of money by buying things while they’re on sale.

If no, then leave it alone. I don’t care how sweet of a deal it is. If you didn’t need it full price, you won’t need it at a discount.

Trust me, you’ll save yourself from regret.

7 – Get Out of Harm’s Way

Marketing is the enemy of savings.

You can tell yourself you’ll never give in, but be careful! Marketers are exceptionally good at their craft. They can hypnotize you to break all your financial rules – all for something you’ve never even heard of before.

Once they have you in their grasp, it’s very difficult to get out.

So why not avoid them altogether?

Don’t tempt yourself by going into your favorite stores. If you “need” to check them out, make sure you don’t have any money with you.

Do you keep getting emails with juicy offers?

Don’t open them. avoid impulse spending

Or better yet, unsubscribe from these email lists.

Steer clear of marketing tactics to keep your finances safe.

8 – Drag Your Friends Into It

Killing impulse spending doesn’t have to be a hard, depressing act of self-discipline.

Want some fun?

Drag your friends into it.

Turn your saving goals into a game.

Take on no-spend challenges. Reward the winners and let the losers face consequences. When there are bragging rights on the line, you’ll get an extra kick of motivation.

Friends can also hold you accountable.

When you’re alone, who’s going to care that you bought something not on your list?

That’s right… no one.

Grab a friend and turn them into your accountability partner.

Two is always better than one. Together, you can set goals, check on each other, and celebrate your victories together.

It’s so difficult to save when your friends spending to their heart’s desires right in front of you.

So drag them in!

Together, you can wave goodbye to impulse spending.

9 – Practice Contentment

Emotions, yes. That’s what causes us to spend impulsively.

But why is it so easy for us to give in to these emotions?

Because we’re discontent.

When a celebrity goes on a grand vacation to the Bahamas, you’re discontent.

When your neighbor drives by with his brand new car, you’re discontent.

When your friend has a better phone then you, you’re discontent.

Even when a complete stranger is eating something tastier than what you’re having… you’re still discontent.

This discontentment pushes you to spend more. After all, if you have what they have… you’ll be happy… right?

Wrong. avoid impulse spending

You get what they have, guess what happens next?

You want something bigger and better, you want more. So you spend even more – more than your wallet can handle.

That’s why it’s so important to practice contentment.

I say practice because you play an active role in this. Constantly tell yourself you have everything you need and stop looking at what others around you are buying.

Once you’ve mastered this, what other people have won’t be as attractive anymore. Plus, you’ll be a lot happier.

10 – Visualize Your Goals

Why do you want to get rid of impulse spending?

“Because I want to save.”

For what again?

If you have vague goals, it’s very difficult to stay on track.

Instead, set specific goals. Take some time to determine your goals, then set your mind towards them.

Do this so that anytime temptations arise, you can visualize your goals.

Think about what an achievement it will be when you get there.

Think about how rewarding it’ll be if you get past all the hurdles.

Think about the better life accomplishing your goals will give you.

When you do this – when you see your future in your mind’s eye – that sale offer will look dull.

If you have a hard time visualizing, use cues. Write your goals on a note and stick it on your wallet. Find clever ways to remind yourself of your dreams whenever you’re about to spend.

When you think about the future, you’ll realize that the temporary “high” you get from buying your wantsis not worth it.

Ready to End Impulse Spending?

Everything pushes you to spend without thinking.

Products are presented in the most attractive ways… marketers use every trick in the book to get you to buy now… your emotions aren’t any help to you either.

The odds are stacked against you.

But with these 10 easy tricks, you can say goodbye to impulse spending forever.

Trust me, you can do it! avoid impulse spending

I believe in you.

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