Bottle Your Own Water

A simple solution to saving money most people may look over is bottling your own water. Bottling your own water is a very simple and cost effective way to have water on the go. One of the main reason people purchase bottled water is because of its convenience of being in a bottle. The other reason people purchase bottled water is because of the taste. You know what I say to that? It is water it has no taste, quit being difficult and just use tap water.

The claims on bottles saying “Fresh from the springs!” are false, most bottled water companies actually just filter tap water. They just filter tap water. This is where a big problem arises; the public good of tap water becomes privatized by bottled water companies. They gain huge profits by drawing water from public water sources, put it in plastic bottles, and then resell it for 2900 times the price of regular tap.

Bottled water is bad for the environment; the United States public goes through about 50 billion bottles of water per year, most of which are not recycled. More than 80% of recyclable plastic bottles end up in landfills every year, and since they don’t break down naturally, when they finally do break down they release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Not to mention the amount of limited fossil fuels that are severely drained when creating the plastic and bottling the water.

Not only is it bad for the environment, but it costs us a thousand times more than tap water from home. It was also found in a 2008 study that bottled water is sullied with untested industrial chemicals and isn’t necessarily cleaner than tap water. Not just the water from bottles can be bad for you, but the plastic bottles they are in can be a hazard.

Another good reason to avoid bottled water, it’s not as clean. That’s right, while municipal water systems must be tested multiple times per day for microbiological content, bottled water is only required to test once a week. Tis the same with public water systems, which are required to test for chemical water containments 4 times as often as bottled water companies. Quoted from…”Bottled water companies, because they are not under the same accountability standards as municipal water systems, may provide a significantly lower quality of water than the water one typically receives from the tap”. Not all tap is better though, which is why you should invest in a water filter device or system, which I will get into further along in the article.

A case of bottled water (which is usually a 24-pack) can cost anywhere from $4-$15 depending on the brand name and where you purchase it. Buying it from a vending machine can prove even more costly ranging anywhere from $1-$2 per bottle! Let us say that you drink 3 bottles per day (which, let’s face it, it’s much more), in a week you will have drank a case of water, there goes $4~$15, which can equal $16~$60 a month, or $192~$720 a year. The average price of water is $.006 a gallon (depending on where you live it could be more or less). A gallon is 128 ounces which can fill 6.4 water bottles, that’s 6.4 bottles of water for $.006 cents! So for roughly $.02 cents you can get the equivalent of 24 bottles of water, that’s a huge savings of $3.98~$14.98 a week, $15.92~$59.92 a month, and $191.04~$719.04 a year! (Again all depending on your cost of tap water and the cost of bottled water you purchase).

The health risk alone is worth the switch from bottled water to tap water. Your best bet is to purchase a filtration device and just filter your faucet water and bottle it yourself, these can range anywhere from $11-$36. This is still a huge savings of $145~$708 a year depending on which filter you get.

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