Budget Valentine’s Day Presents


With Valentine’s Day less than a week away, most men are in a quandary trying to buy a present that would make her squeal in joy without burning a gaping hole in their pockets. While the first instinct for most fellows is to go with bling, many stay away from jewelry given the price tag of these baubles.

But, make no mistake; there are many other money guzzling traps out there; from flowers to wine and from fine dining to cashmere and silk. So, is it really possible to strike a balance between cost and likeability when buying a Valentine’s Day present?

Do you really want to risk your relationship by getting her a leftover gift?

Not all guys like to shop at the last minute for their Valentine’s Day gifts but many keep it off for the nth hour only because they feel this will help them to save some money. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to buy that present, the more expensive it is going to be. For instance, those long stem roses will be priced at twice or thrice their regular rate as the big day nears.

Also, if you get your shopping done well in advance, you will have access to an assortment of gift items which come with a discount code. Yes, everything from diamonds to romantic getaways and from roses to romance poetry books are available for the early birds with impressive discounts.

So, what will she really appreciate?

For most women, it is the thought and the creativity that counts; however, a man’s thinking on the matter can vary significantly from that of his lady love. For example, a guy would think that a toaster would make a lovely gift in the face of an old gadget in the kitchen that gives his wife grief everyday in the morning. However, dare you do such a thing and you likely won’t hear the end of it till next Valentine’s Day.

The trick to buying that perfect gift is showing her that you care enough to go all out just to please her. The good news here is that if you flex those creative neurons and use a discount code or two easily available online, you can make her a very happy woman without spending a small fortune.

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift that she will cherish forever or at least the rest of the year!

When picking your Valentine’s Day present, think closely about what your paramour is really looking for or rather missing in life. It would certainly not help to get a woman who rarely wears jewelry another shining bauble that would just get dumped into the locker. However, if she enjoys dressing up for you, a tennis bracelet or a pair of earrings or even a simple, small solitaire will certainly go a long way in showing her how much you care.

In contrast, if you have children running amuck in your home, chances are that she is seriously pining for some TLC and some alone time with you. Of course, in this case a romantic getaway, even if it is just for two days, will certainly be appreciated.

If you have recently gone out shopping with your partner, did you see her admiring a particular item of clothing? If not, think about how she feels about silk scarves, cashmeres or if she has got a favorite color that she just can’t resist. Try picking a present in her favourite hue or fabric and see her eyes light up with joy just because you remembered.

As you can see, with discount searches and some hard thinking, it won’t take much to please your lady love, and can you imagine how she is going to show you her appreciation for being so very thoughtful?

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