What your child will need to know to get ahead in the 21st Century

father and son
21st century is the century of rapid technological advancements and changing landscape around the world. The world is not the same it was a decade earlier. It has grown rapidly to become highly modernized and advanced, which has ultimately led to a change in lifestyle of the people. The education systems are also changing and new means and methods are being adopted around the world to meet the growing demand of educators. Since things have changed now, the basic requirement among children to be able to read, write and solve mathematical problems is also changing. The kind of jobs that existed earlier is vanishing now. With the coming up of technologies like, automation, internet of things and robotics, most of the skills required in manufacturing jobs are also changing rapidly. The current situations demand more emotional and cognitive abilities along with problem solving and critical thinking amongst students to become better employees and do not risk losing out jobs in future.

Apart from the ability to read and write properly, the parents should focus on building emotional quotient too amongst their children. Also having a critical thinking and the ability to apply logic and reasoning to situations is what is going to help them in future to sustain the pace of advancement. Though having a good command over language is required but the most important skill set would change in the coming future. Skills like, leadership, communication, critical and logical reasoning, teamwork etc. are going to be the role players. The world is adopting automation rapidly and for humans to be as effective as machines, they definitely need to posses these skills along with the necessary subject and technical knowledge of the domain they are working in.

For children to be ahead in the game it is necessary to start training them at the earliest and the need to reform the education system in such a way so as to incorporate these necessary skills will help in the longer run to benefit from it meaningfully. Parents from their end should also realize the importance of giving the right support system and environment for their children to grow and develop the necessary skill set. Making children familiar with the technologies and advancements and keeping them updated about all the developments taking place is important for them to realize their own potential and develop their interest accordingly.

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