Company Grows By Saving On Energy Bills

Growth is the top priority of just about every company, no matter how big or small it is. While it can be achieved without spending any extra money, there are some things which always cost money, such as making improvements to your office, buying new computer equipment and increasing sales space. Finding the necessary funds to make those improvements happen often means trying to make savings, which can be easy to do if you know you’re spending too much on certain overheads. Energy is one such overhead, which might seem hard to reduce, but it’s possible.

Jan Frost, who runs a business producing and designing office screen systems, found that she could reduce the amount spent on energy bills and use the savings made on other parts of her company. How did she do it? She went to the savings experts at make it cheaper, who managed to help her switch to a new energy supplier, saving her £500 per year on her energy bills. More businesses are following in Jan’s footsteps by switching suppliers.

Jan had a few reasons for leaving her old energy supplier: “I wasn’t happy at all with the fluctuating prices of the bills we received, as some of them were astronomically high. We struggled to meet the cost of those bills, and when we were informed by the supplier in 2011 that they would raise their prices further, we decided that switching to a new supplier was the right thing to do for our finances”.

Before getting in touch with Make it Cheaper, who helped to save businesses a combined £88m in 2011 on their energy bills, Jan contacted a number of energy companies directly to see what they could offer her business. Since getting the new, improved deal, the money saved has gone towards replacing the old roof of her company’s office, while, as the new deal is on a fixed price tariff, the company may make further savings as the price of energy rises further.

Depending on the size of your business, you could save yourself a lot of money by shopping around. If you decide to leave your existing supplier because you feel you’re paying too much, you might want to use the money saved for other purposes. It could go towards improving your office space, transport costs, marketing campaigns or you could eve set that money aside in case something bad were to happen.

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