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With the age of digitization and information explode where consumers are extremely aware and well informed, marketers almost always have an uphill task to sell their product. This is not the age, where TV commercials, door to door salesmen and bill boards make up for most of the advertising budget and produce the desired results. With the dawn of internet and its most disruptive consequence which is “easy and free access to information” the marketing methods have changed. It has created a level playing field for new players and forced the marketing divisions of organizations to find innovative ways to sell. You could compare, check reviews (both customer and expert) and ratings and make your decision. Nobody will buy because you ask them to buy, especially when information is available at your fingertips. This is where the concept of “nudge” comes into picture. Nudging your customers through information available online to buy or at least get biased towards what you plan to sell them.

One way of achieving this is through content writing. Consider yourself buying a phone and going through all the information available online to decide. You don’t know who has written it but the way it has been written makes you want to own that phone. That’s what marketers have now resorted too. Writing blogs, reports, reviews on a product which influences the customers to buy products you want to sell. The content of such write ups appear unbiased, as if it were written by an honest user. But frankly they’re not. They are put up there by people who want to sell it to you. Some part of the write-ups also criticizes or mentions the draw backs of a particular product or service. This is just to make it appear unbiased. Also, these drawbacks are such that they make no impact on the decisions of majority of the consumers.

  1. Get Catchy Headings – Catchy headings can easily interest the readings. These will help increase traffic to the post as the customer would like to know more.
  2. Learn the SEO Tactics – SEO is definitely important for any blog or website. It helps in increasing the ranking of your website/ article on the search engines. This way, it pops up on the initial pages when a relevant search is performed and increases the chances of being viewed by the customer.
  3. Engaging content – Content that engages the reader is necessary to keep them at the page instead of jumping right away.
  4. Visuals and Videos – Videos and visuals about the product, its uses, benefits, etc. is comparatively easier to glance through and comprehend, compared to long paragraphs. It is always beneficial to include a few on your page.

Content writing has now become a sunrise field and there is a rising demand for content writers. Organizations need content writers to flood the internet with information that systematically drives the consumer action. Buyers will get smarter with time and sellers will always have to remain a step ahead.

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