Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

real imagination

Our imagination is the ultimate reality, the world is beyond what we see, hear or feel. Everything we see today had to be imagined by someone some time. Our thoughts become reality once we start believing in them. You imagine, you create. Our creations first come from the tangled thoughts in our beautifully chaotic heads. Or maybe everything we imagine already exists somewhere, some place in this universe. Our brain functions in mysterious ways.

Everyone has a different perception about reality. Reality is a relative concept. What appears to be real to me may be impossible for you. Every imagination that can be displayed to the world in some manner becomes truth. There is a difference between truth and reality. While truth is the fact, reality is the perception. Everything you can imagine is real in the virtual world, but it becomes true when we actually work to achieve its presence in the actual world. We live in a world of constant discoveries and inventions.

This line was Pablo Picasso’s one of the most famous quotes. Being an artist, he was probably referring to art. Maybe he meant to say that whatever you imagine, however stupid it is that your beautifully twisted mind comes up with, may exist. Reality implies that whatever I imagine, I believe it to be true, but I cannot prove its existence. Maybe when you strongly believe in your imaginations, your dreams, your late night thoughts, some force in the universe is trying to make sense of it.

Sometimes you may sit alone under the stars and think of the galaxies inside your heart, you may wonder if anyone will ever want to make sense of all those thoughts in yourself. Maybe the universe is sending us little messages, signals, causing coincidences, to make us realize that the world is much more than what is right in front of our eyes. It is reminding us to stop and believe in our weirdest thoughts. Maybe the sun and moon are lovers, who rarely meet, almost meet, always miss another, but when they meet, the whole world stares in the awe of their eclipse. Maybe there exists another world parallel to ours, where people are absolutely opposite of what we are here. Maybe God does exist. Maybe we are missing out on an entire aspect of something simply because we don’t not have the organ to detect it. Maybe there is more.

‘If the universe is infinite, then by definition all possibilities exist.’

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