How Technology can help You Motivate Your Employees

As a leader it is very important for you to constantly motivate your employees to work better. And, it isn’t an easy job to come up with new, creative strategies all the time. Some things do work – like free lunches, unlimited paid leaves, or exciting company parties. But, to make sure your employees are forever engaged in the workplace, during the work hours, you need to come up with something less conventional. As the technological world is taking a toll, why don’t you introduce some technology in the workplace to keep your employees motivated? Here are some ways you could make use of technology in order to create a motivated environment in your workplace:

(1) Introduce cloud-based sharing tools – Dropbox and Google Drive. Now, such tools help release your employees from stressful, irritating tasks of searching for files from a common shared drive, which is usually very much disorganized. It also makes it easier for your employees to share and upload files, with their respective teams, keeping a track on who is working on which project. It improves collaboration amongst workers. In fact, these cloud tools can also be accessed on mobiles, making their work easier.

(2) We all want to have a proper track of the performances of all our employees, but it is easier said than done. Here comes the talent management software that will help you get a proper view of your employees’ performances. It gives managers a wider perceptive of how work is being done in the company. When the employer is able to see more, he/she will be able to do more for the team. It will allow you to understand individual competence, and strategize plans for individuality development. Viewing and reviewing performances becomes so much easier.

(3) Even though every company is equipped with a performance review, that comes out every 4 months or 6 months or in some cases every 12 months. But, feedback is something that should be on-going. So, instead of waiting for the HR department to handover the performance evaluation sheets to you, you could automate the entire process, such that employees receive real time feedbacks for their work.

(4) It isn’t always possible for your employees to come to the office. You need to give them certain flexibility. You could come up with an app that allows them to access office documents even when they are away from the office.

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