How to Nail a Job Interview?

job interview

You must be reading this article because you have faced multiple rejections in the past, even after giving your best. Before each interview you must have scoured the internet in the hope of knowing that perfect secret ingredient to crack your next interview. But alas, here you are again, scouring the net again for those lost answers.

Even though every different job profile demands for people with a specific skill set, there are a few tips and tricks that will never ever fail you in your job interview. Because there are some things that are required in all work places. People usually overlook these small things, rubbishing them away.

But the key lies in the details.

Dear reader, start planning your placement party because you are going to nail your next interview!

Don’t let these things fall out of your mind.

  • Do a complete research on your employer

Now having all the technical, theoretical and  practical knowledge of the world won’t help you if you don’t even know what the initials of the  company that is hiring you stands for. So do a complete research on the company. You must know what they have done in the past and they intend to do in the near future. Not only will this help you in your interview but also tell you about the job profile and help you decide whether or not you even want to work there.

  • Be your own kind of uncool

Ditch the herd mentality and stand apart from the crowd. Try to imagine yourself on the other side of the panel. Try to put your feet in the interviewer’s shoes. How boring it  must be for them to listen to the same rant from all the candidates on an hourly basis. Be original. Bring something new to the table. Make yourself heard. Make them listen to you. Grab their attention.

  • Be a person not a professional

All interviewers have a pet question, “why do you want to join this organisation/company?” People usually begin by displaying their skills or educational qualification. But this is something that they can already see in your CV or resume. They expect something else from the candidates. Instead of answering typically, try to make a personal connection by sharing an experience from your childhood or past. Tell them the one thing that truly inspires you to work there or the day when you decided to join that profession and why. Doing this doesn’t mean you have to emotionally blackmail them into giving you the job. No, it merely establishes a connection that is above the contract that you might sign later. You are not a robot, neither are they. All relationships, be it professional ones, work on human sentiment. And humans have emotions. So you just have to play along those lines.

  • Ask questions

Last but not the least, ask intelligent questions that will kill two birds with one stone. At the end of most interviews you have the opportunity of asking questions. Don’t let this go out of your hand. Take it to your full advantage if you feel you haven’t said anything worth remembering. Ask something that not only reveals something extraordinary about your personality but also leaves them thinking over the question!

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