Quit Smoking And Save More Than Money

Every New Year’s, people promise themselves to “quit doing this” and “give up that”. Sure it works, for the first few weeks, maybe a month if they are a quarter of the way committed. But do you know what one of the most common New Year’s resolutions is? Well, if you read the title of this article then you should know, for those who skipped out on reading the title, it is to quit smoking.

There are an estimated 1.3 billion smokers worldwide, and out of those, 5.4 million of them die every year. Not only is smoking bad for you, and whoever else is around you while you’re doing it, but it is also bad for your wallet. It is no question that quiting smoking will help you save money. The average cost of cigarettes is around $6 a pack depending on where you live it could be more or less. The average smoker smokes around 20 cigarettes per day, so this equates to around $2,190 a year spent just on cigarettes (you can follow this link to calculate how much you spend per year on cigarettes… here).

Not only does it cost the smokers for the cigarettes, but it also costs the country. Smokers cost the country $96 billion a year in health care costs and another $97 billion in lost productivity according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So not only are you harming yourself financially, but you are harming the wallets of millions of Americans.

It doesn’t stop there; smoking also pollutes the air we breathe and share with others. Non-smokers know this best, nothing is worse than enjoying a nice Sunday day walking down the street when a smoker steps out and lights one up right as you’re walking by. It sucks, it stinks, and it is extremely annoying. Second hand smoke kills 53,800 people every year. Think about those poor people who do the right thing by staying healthy by not smoking, but still die from it because of the carelessness of others.

Believe it or not, smoking pollutes our environment as well. How you ask? Cigarettes contain about 4000 chemicals which are exhaled by smokers into the air. Pollution by smoking doesn’t stop there though, it is also a major contributor to land and water pollution. There are approximately 360,000,000,000 cigarettes smoked in the U.S. each year. That equates to 135,000,000 pounds of cigarette butts that are discarded into our environment each year, also take note that it takes 20-25 years for a single butt to decompose. That is an outstanding amount of waste and chemicals that is polluting our environment.

Not enough reasons to quit smoking yet? Don’t worry, I have more. In one hour of manufacturing, cigarette companies require 4 miles of paper to wrap the cigarettes. They waste one tree just to produce 300 cigarettes, which single average smoker will go through in 15 days. Also not to mention the valuable land that tobacco farms take up that could be used for food production instead, and then the left over chemicals that go into the environment after production of the cigarettes.

Smoking causes death, pollution, loss of money, cancer, makes you smell bad, bad breath, lung and breathing problems, raspy voice, bad blood flow, wrinkly skin, loss of friends, and discolors your walls. So why keep doing it? Take the initiative to quit smoking; there are plenty of ways and programs out there to help you. The most popular methods used to quit smoking include cold turkey (just stop smoking), nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and electronic cigarettes. Nicotine patches start out at around $15 a pack while the gum is around $30 a pack. The most cost effective way, besides the obvious cold turkey method, is the electronic cigarettes which you can get  Starter kits from $19.95 from EnvyCig.com. With the New Year approaching, make it your responsibility and goal to quit smoking, or to get someone you know to quit smoking. Quitting can save you up to $2,190 a year and possibly more.

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