The Tao of Saving Money


If you want to truly save money and, more importantly, do it automatically with very little pain, resistance, or emotional discomfort, you have to have a system. You have to have a system that rewires your mind, your actions, and your financial future so instead of your financial life happening to you (usually negatively), you make your financial life happen.

In short, you need to discover the tao of saving money.

Saving money as energy flow

Most people fail to save money or take control of their financial lives because they look at money as the source of their security, emotional calm, and energy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trying to get peace of mind from money is like trying to base key parts of your life on a pack of chewing gum. It doesn’t make any sense. Money is just a tangible symbol of value. Anything, in theory, can take its place. Instead of fixating on money, focus on what it truly is – a measure of energy.

Where your focus goes, energy flows

When you focus on the calm, you feel when you are in control, your energy, both your conscious mental and physical energy as well as your subconscious values’ energy will flow toward what you are focusing on. You have to focus on the right things. Focusing on money per se will bring nothing but negativity, a miserly, cramped, and frustrated mindset along with a whole host of negative and emotional states. You have money, but you don’t enjoy it. You have fat stacks in the bank, but you don’t feel abundant. Instead, refocus your mind on what money truly means – control.

Control the flow of control

When you redefine money as the flow of control in your life and your focus goes to taking more control over your life, you gain a sense of mastery. You end up doing things that you had a tough time doing before like setting up an automatic savings account, minimizing your expenses, paying yourself first, and spending on what you need instead of what you want. Eventually, you reach a point where you feel abundant at a fraction of the spending power. That is the tao of savings. And it all begins with refocusing. Try it today so you can achieve better results with your personal finances.

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