Throwing A New Years Party For Under $100


New Years is a time for celebrating with friends and family. Unfortunately, throwing any party can get expensive and throwing one so close to the holidays is often an added burden that nobody wants to bear. Luckily, with a little bit of creativity you can throw a great New Years party for under $100. Read on to discover 5 easy steps to throwing a great bash for little cash.

1. Keep your guest list small

An intimate New Years party is often the most fun, especially if you plan to host the event at your home. Also, make sure to invite couples or enough single people that everyone has someone to kiss at midnight. To figure out how many people to invite, consider the size of your home and available parking. If there will be alcohol, you may also need places for people to crash rather than risking a DUI charge.

2. Offer mixed drinks rather than bottled beverages

Mixed drinks for a crowd costs significantly less than bottled beer or wine coolers. A handle of rum can be used for many different creations and will cost you less than $30. The same amount would only buy you one 24-pack of beer or 2 cases of wine coolers.

3. Serve a buffet of appetizers rather than a meal

Staring your party after the dinner hour and serving a smorgasbord of inexpensive appetizers such as cheese trays and cocktail wieners will cost you significantly less than planning a dinner party with snacks leading up to the midnight count down. Using crock pots and doing food prep ahead of time will also leave you with more time to spend with your guests.

4. Keep the decorations to a minimum

Some cheap streamers and colored number cut-outs are more than enough decoration for your party. If you’re feeling up to it, you can splurge on some inexpensive hats and glasses from your local party supply store, or you can have guests bring their own New Years attire and make the party into a contest for the best dressed with a cheap prize like a coffee shop gift card for the winner.

5. Play games for entertainment

There’s no better excuse to bust out your card and board games than a New Years party. Put on a New Years broadcast in the background and wait up until the wee hours of the night playing all of your favorite board games. You could also create a makeshift karaoke stage or turn up your sound system and enjoy an all-night dance party.

Throwing a great New Years party on the cheap is within your grasp. There’s no reason you need to spend over $100 on your party to make it memorable. With a little creativity and some advanced planning, you can create great memories with your friends and family.

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