Tighten Your Gas Cap

This is another extremely easy way to make money saving. After filling your vehicle  up with gas, twist your gas cap until it clicks. If you have an older vehicle that may not have the gas cap click feature, just check it for tightness to ensure a proper seal. one is six vehicles has a improperly fitting or missing gas cap. Also, be sure to check your gas caps seal and make sure it’s not broken or deteriorated, a broken seal is just as bad as a loose gas cap.

You may be wondering “how can tightening my gas cap help me save money?”. Well, there are a couple reasons that this can save you money. First, making sure your gas cap is fully tightened helps keep fuel from evaporating out of your tank. When your fuel evaporates out of your tank it reduces your gas mileage, sometimes by as much as 10%.

As a example, lets say that your vehicle gets 300 miles to a tank of gas. By being lazy and overlooking something as simple as a gas cap, you are losing 30 miles from that tank, that’s a considerable amount.  Lets say that this same vehicle gets 20 mpg (miles per gallon), at $3.50 a gallon you are costing yourself $5.25 at every fill up. The average person fills up their gas tank once a week, that’s 56 times per year. Multiply that by the $5.25 you are losing at each fill up, and you are losing $294 per year.These days gas equals money, so when you are losing gas, you are losing money.

Contaminants is another reason as to why you should always make sure your gas cap is fully tightened. If your gas cap has a bad seal or isn’t tightened all the way it could potentially let dirt and other contaminants into your gas tank. Dirt in your gas tank can lead to an even bigger expense of having to replace your fuel filter and have your fuel system flushed and possibly worse. The environment is the last reason, a lose gas cap lets fuel fumes escape into the atmosphere causing even more pollution than we already have. So taking that 1-2 seconds to check your gas cap leads to a better environment and money in your pocket.

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