Tips to Design an Office Space that Promotes Good Work Culture

work culture

Employees are always expected to give their best, work to the fullest potential, put in extra hours, multitask, all this and more without a hint of displeasure on their face. No doubt people keep changing offices, in search of a place where there is due employee care and recognition. The expectations from an employee never cease to increase but what most people fail to consider the fact that one needs to provide such an environment that encourages the employee to put in his or her best. A good environment is very essential for peak employee productivity. Those who are yet to acknowledge this are inching closer to a fall. The sooner you realize the value of your employees the better.

Gradually people are acknowledging the importance of employees care and working each day to make their office a better place to work. But it is not easy to create a perfect work atmosphere that keeps everyone motivated to work. Here are a few tips that may get you closer to creating a haven of an office for you and your employees.

  • Loaded with all essential utilities

Provide all the essential equipment’s and accessories required to complete day to day tasks of the office. As it is people working in new startups are under immense pleasure of meeting deadlines. They don’t need to be burdened with the stress of unavailability of necessary tools that get their work done.

  • Comfort is uncompromising

Given that employees spend almost half of their day in the office, complete care should be taken to ensure a comfortable stay in the office. The temperature should be an average one the whole year round. Lighting should be good and install ergonomic chairs for your employees. Keep spaces just for unwinding and relaxing in between work shifts. No one can be expected to give their fullest by tiring themselves out by working at a stretch. Short breaks at regular intervals keep the body relaxed and creatively charged. Instead of a single long break plan a work schedule that allows many small breaks distributed equally between the working hours so as to maximize productivity. Customize spaces for relaxation of the body and the mind. Have gardens and lawns in the office premises so that people have the option of taking off on short walks to recharge themselves and break the monotony of a desk job. Some owners might view all this as an unnecessary expense and start cutting costs at the stake of their employees well being. Well, know this that cutting your costs here and compromising on employee satisfaction is a cut on the growth of your company that you would be making. Soon you will start losing good employees. Without them a company is just a hollow name. It takes people’s whole life to build a strong team. These things are just the foundation. Naturally a structure built on temporary and substandard inputs would be weak. The rest of the matter is that acknowledge the value that the people who work for you hold.

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