Unplug Your Electronics

Here is a small but effective way of saving money on your electricity bill. Everyone is guilty of leaving things plugged in when they aren’t in use and have no reason for being plugged in. The most popular of these things we leave plugged in is the cell phone charger. We plug our phone in before we go to sleep and leave it plugged in for the entire night which, for some of the more lazy people, can be up to 12 hours.

Depending on how old the battery is, a cell phone can fully charged in 45 minutes to 3 hours. So you are wasting countless amounts of electricity on a cell phone that is has been fully charged for the past 5+ hours. Not only that,  but you are also killing your cell phones battery leaving it plugged in like that. Experts say that you should charge your phone no more that 3 hours a day to keep your battery in good health.

So you may be telling yourself you are in the clear because you don’t leave your cell phone charging throughout the night. Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. Your cell phone charger is still using energy when it is plugged in, whether your phone is hooked up or not, so unplug the charger when you are done using it.

Unplugging electronics to save money and electricity goes for more than just a cell phone charger. Whether it be your tv, cable box, dvd player, or computer, these items are all drawing power even while they are turned off. The best thing to do is to unplug all these things when you are not using them. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s a hassle to keep unplugging and plugging back in all these electronics”. There is a easy fix for this, get a power strip that has a switch and plug all of the electronic devices you have into it. Before you go to sleep or before you leave for work or whenever you just aren’t using them, just flip the switch, or unplug the entire strip. This cuts off power to everything plugged into it and saves you money and electricity on your next power bill.

You may be wondering, how much money could unplugging things possibly save me? Oprah (no I don’t watch Oprah, just heard the story) had a woman on her show once that was paying $268 a month for her power bill, once she started unplugging her electric bill dropped to $91 the next month. She decided to get more strict with it and the next month her power bill was $60. That’s a savings of $177-$208 a month.

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