How to use Social Media Marketing Strategies to Grow your Business?

grow your business

Social media is a powerful tool to boost your business, if used properly.

  • Quality Vs quantity

Instead of opening accounts on all available social media platforms, focus your attention to a few where your target audience spends the maximum time.

Active presence on the appropriate social media platform has proven to be more effective than a haphazard approach to cover all possible channels available.

Now with so many social media channels out there, it may get a little difficult to choose the appropriate ones. But one can always research and find out solutions. For instance, Pinterest’s 80% users are females according to a survey.

  • First impressions do matter

After deciding which all social media platforms your business will be covering, focus your attention to making the perfect account. Your business’s social media account should reflect your expertise and professionalism. The idea and brand name should pop out. Also tailor your posts keeping in mind the expectations of your target audience.

  • Beware of competition

Keep in mind that yours is not the only business on social media. There are hundreds and millions of them out there. But the positive flip side of this situation is that you can easily keep a tab on your competitor because it is easily accessible on social media. You can know what are they upto and hence avoid making the same move. Also you can learn from their mistakes and beat them at their own game. Reaction of the viewers can also be easily known and accordingly your strategy could be improved.

  • Lose the herd mentality

With so many competitors out there, it is difficult to get the attention of the users. Your post has the full possibility of being scrolled down without even being read. Your content should struck the users like lightning! Stop following the crowd and make something new which grabs the attention of people.

  • Timing matters!

This is extremely important. Keep your game plan ready and strike at the perfect moment. Pick your moments. Research a bit and find out the peak hours at which posting new updates will reach the maximum number of audience.

  • Visually appealing

It is scientifically proven that visuals have more impact on the mind of the viewers than words. In ancient times too, humans started communicating by using pictures only. Pictures convey more than words. Moreover in this fast paced society, people don’t have the time to read. So, design your posts in such a way so that it is a  correct blend of visuals and

  • Customer connect


  • Way to the future

Plan ahead, always. Why is Elon Musk so successful today? Because he thinks miles ahead of others. When people are just thinking about switching to electric cars, his company has already made journeys to the Mars possible for the common man. That is how your vision should be.

The bottom line is that you have to devote time dedicatedly to social media marketing because it is something that everyone is doing and it is such a huge platform that even your small mistake gets amplified easily.

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