Using Personal Finance Apps to Save Money

Sometimes keeping up with your expenses can feel like a real chore. Balancing your checkbook, sending off payments, and making sure enough money stays in your account can be daunting, so why not make it easier on yourself? Here are some of the top 10 finance apps that will help you stay on top of your finances.

1. Mint
This app offers a real-time look at all of your finances, from bank accounts, to credit cards, loans, and other financial accounts. It tracks spending, categorizes your finances, and alerts you when you’re approaching your budget limit. It can also offer custom saving tips. If interested, click here.

2. Acorn
Acorn helps by investing your pocket change in low cost EFT, or exhange-traded funds. Connect your checking and credit card accounts and when you make purchases, the price is rounded to the nearest dollar, and the difference between the rounded cost and the total cost is invested. If interested, click here.

3. Level Money
Level Money calculates your income and bills, and determines your daily, monthly, and weekly spending habits once you connect your desired bank account. It also figures out the amount that needs to be saved for each month and takes it from your monthly budget. You can also activate the auto-save amount feature so that unspent cash at the end of the month goes into savings. If interested, click here.

4. Digit
Your income and saving patterns are scanned, and then small amounts of cash are moved to a savings account managed by Digit. You can withdraw money from this savings account, but be aware that it collects no interest. If interested, click here.

5. Credit Karma
Not only does the app offer free credit scores and reports, but it also monitors your spending habits when linked to your credit card and bank accounts. Then, recommendations for better credit cards or loan offers are shown that improve your finances. If interested, click here.

6. Goodbudget
Goodbudget creates envelopes for categories and predetermines how much money should be put into each category. It’s not a sophisticated app but it does what it needs to. If interested, click here.

7. Wally
It’s an expense-tracking app that can see daily, weekly, and monthly spending habits and divides your expenses into separate categories. It can also conveniently scan receipts for you. If interested, click here.

8. PocketGuard
PocketGuard connects to your bank account and always has access to current transactions and balances. This app also analyzes your spending habits to know recurring payments to plan for and tracks your cash flow. If interested, click here.

9. You Need A Budget
This app makes sure that every dollar is spent wisely, plans for infrequent expenses, and can also come up with a quick plan for when you overspend. A neat feature included is classes offered that you can watch online to get familiar with the app for free. If interested, click here.

10. Mvelopes
Mvelopes is a digital envelope budget method app that links to your bank account. It can pay the bills, manage your budget, and capture receipts to track real-time spending. If interested, click here.

As you now know, there are plenty of ways to ease the burden of checking up on your accounts. I hope at least one of these apps are able to help you out on your way to conquering your finances!

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