Ways to Motivate Your Employees to Perform Better

motivate employees

The growth of a company lies in the hands of the employees. There is no surprise hence as to why their well being is so cared about. Be it physical health, social health or mental health, the effects of its condition cannot be neglected from the performance of a person. If something is troubling you, icking you all the time then one cannot be at his or her creative best. One cannot deliver his or her full potential at work with a mind occupied at other matters.

Now that the importance of the employee health has been established the next crisis that arises is how to make the situation better. How to motivate the employees to give their best and put all their efforts to work?

Well, here are a few tips.

  • Set an example

There is no better motivation than seeing another person’s work. The phrase, “Actions speak louder than words” has never been more apt. Your work is a like a guiding light that becomes the inspiration for others to learn from and follow. It becomes a standard of comparison of one’s own work.

At times people give up on a task tagging it as impossible. Here is where your example can be put to use. Neither can your demand be said irrational nor can it be turned down by saying that it is impossible, since you have done it before. Giving your example to motivate also gives you the right to ask people of things without making it sound haughty.

  • Maintain complete transparency

Bias is among the top reasons why people stop putting their best in work because they know that they won’t be appreciated or worse that their credit is going to go to someone else. When everyone is treated equally then the unnecessary feelings of hatred and jealousy are eliminated. Where there is no space for such negativities the work itself flourishes and so does a kinship among fellow workers and superiors.

  • Connect to them

Nothing can trump the effectiveness of a real conversation. Your name undersigned in a letter or a video call is not enough to build the interest of employees. The presence of a face, even a shadow matters. The question of whom they are working for will keep arising in their minds if they don’t even get to see their employer working. How are you supposed to ensure productivity if you are not even physically present there? But just a presence is not enough. Communication on a real level forges a bond that is unshakable. It has the power to move mountains, we are merely human beings.

  • Keep incentives

We have always lived in a system where something was provided in return for a task. Not necessarily in the form of monetary advancements. Attending classes mattered because of attendance, attendance mattered because of its requirement to sit in the exams, exams matter because of marks, marks matter because of cut off percentages in colleges or eligibility criteria for job interviews and jobs matter because of money. Even if there was a flicker of passion it would surely die down by the time one goes through this horrible grind beginning from the age of mere six years. By the time there is enough money there is not enough time to pursue other dreams one has. Hence apart from fat salary checks companies need to provide another incentive programs which include vacations to rejuvenate the stuck employee and keep him or her glued to the job.

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