Ways to Motivate your Employees

Motivate employees

In any organization, it is necessary that the employees are always satisfied and motivated. Only then, are they going to work hard and give good results, which are ultimately going to help the organization grow. By creating a bond of friendship with your employees, you can understand their abilities and push them in the right direction that will help both, the employee as well as the organization yield better results. Here are a few ways in which you can motivate your employees.

Communicate on topics other than work

Discussions about work between a boss and his employee are very common. But what if, for a change, you sit with your employees in the cafeteria watching a cricket match someday? That sure will make the employees very comfortable around you and in turn, you can do both, compliment them when their work is great as well as let them know when they do mistakes. As a result, the employees are motivated and happy about the work they do.

Trust and empower them

The most important thing employees wish for is their boss to give them great responsibilities and trust them with those responsibilities. A boss can ask for suggestions from employees and implement them too, which gives the employees a lot of confidence and a feeling that their opinion matters. What also helps motivate an employee is giving him/her authority or the power to take his/her own decisions.

Impart positivity

It is of great importance that the boss is always charged up and full of energy. An enthusiastic boss keeps the mood in the office light and motivates each and every employee. The boss should joke around, listen to music and have fun with his employees. Setting up a special ‘fun zone’ where the employees can play board games, celebrate birthdays or even other events, makes the office a happy place for the employees. Besides, you want your employees to be spending their breaks in a ‘fun zone’ rather than a ‘smoking zone’, don’t you?

Lead by example

The most important role of a boss is to inspire his/her employees. If the boss expects the employees to work hard throughout the day, he/she has to toil hard and be very precise with his/her work. After all, employees only get excited about their work when they see their boss always charged up and energetic. Hence, it is of utmost significance that the boss is always active and highly energetic, thereby being the role model for his/her employees.

Give incentives

Employees work really hard and it is the duty of the boss to duly reward these efforts. And while cash incentives are great, those are not the only incentives that can help in cheering up the employees. Giving various vouchers or gift cards, extra paid leaves, as well as movie tickets, are some of the ways in which a boss can help in emboldening his/her employees.

Expressing your desire to play a role in an employee’s personal growth is a great confidence booster and ultimately pushes the employee to perform better. Thus, motivating employees is one of the key roles of the boss that helps, not only in the organization’s growth but also in the employees’ personal growth.

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